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Sparkle sparkle! [12 Oct 2004|06:30am]

[ mood | Flirty! ]

name: The name is Alli or Allison... Ms. Weber if you're nasty. *_~
age: 17, yay!
gender: I am a girly girl, born that way of course. Hehe!
sexual preference: I'm straight as straight can be but I totally agree with Kitty, woman are beautiful... but I prefer to look, not touch!
sexual experiences: Wouldn't you like to know... *_~ But as you can tell from the choice of community I'm in I don't think that I am a virgin, hehe!! Kitty, remember the good ol' days of our pact? Haha riiiiiight. We were too cute for that. *_~
opinions on homosexuality: Not my choice of soup, but I don't mind it. No judgment here... Though I may from time to time ask for details or recipe hehe... if I was trying to stick to the whole soup thing, lol!!
general sexual opinions: I believe sex is a beautiful thing if used correctly. If two people love each other then go for it!! I you are mature enough to classify what you are feeling and know what you are doing in the sex department, go ahead... your vagina/penis... your life!! Though I will say be careful.... Sex isn't all birds and bees... it can turn into vultures and wasps... and you can get your heart broken.
why do you want to join? Because I am just too fabulous not to be in it... oh and I sooooo adore my other adminstrator... she is sooo cool!!! I want to be just like her when I grow up!!! Wait... I'm older. Oh well!!
why do you think you have what it takes? Because not only do I understand the hard work that Kitty and I put into this whole thing but because I am the type of girl who can get a guy... fall in love with him... and have sex... while wearing pink stilletoes. That takes skill, yo!
have you read the rules in their entirety? Of course...!!!!

Yay Kitty I did it!!! Wahooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Please vote me in!!! Pretty please pretty please!!!!!!!

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sparkle sparkle! [07 Oct 2004|05:45pm]

[ mood | hardworking! ]

name: kitty.
age & birthdate: seventeen; september 30, 1987. [LIBRA!<3]
gender: femme & lovin' it.
sexual preference: straight, but girls can be incredibly sexy, there's no doubt in that.
sexual experiences: i've only ever experienced sex in any form with one man, someone that i love & want to spend the rest of my life with. i've visited every base but still there are some that don't taste that great, which i try to avoid. as for types of sexual intercourse... i could never let a man put his thingy in my bootay. i'd rather rake out my eyeballs with chopsticks.
opinions on homosexuality: i'm all for it, go gays. i'm not, but as long as you don't try hitting on me, then i'm awesome about it. love who you want to love. on the note, interracial relationships are perfectly fine with me, i've experienced one before. i'm against any sort of discrimination. except for like, age. if you're fifty, don't date an elementary school girl. o_<
general sexual opinions: i think that sex is not a sin. i think it is not a right, either. sex is a privlege that you earn through maturity, trust, & though it doesn't apply to all people, love. personally, i couldn't have sex with a man without loving him. sex is a very healthy part of life & a relationship, but like spice, too much can be harmful. it varies for each person though, some people can't handle lots of sex, some people can't live without sex daily. i'm very sexually active & try to keep my sexual urges satasfied because if i don't... i get really hyper & pent up.
why do you want to join? OMFGZ LYK B-CUZ THIS KAMUNITEE LOOKS SO KOOL!!1!!! PLZ LET ME B N ET!!ONe!1
why do you think you have what it takes? because i... made the layout & the images & wrote up the rules & the userinfo, dumbass. XD
provide a link to where you've advertised for us: it's my JOB to advertise, okay, i'll be doing it a lot, but i haven't started it yet. XD
have you read the rules in their entirety? wtf, i WROTE the rules.
extra: i love sex. :D


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RULES xxx [07 Oct 2004|05:51pm]

the guidelines for the community known as sex & glitter are required to be read before joining.

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